Join us at one of our three Laundry Love locations!


EVERY THIRD SATURDAY | 2741 n grand ave, santa ana | 11 AM


908 E 1ST ST, SANTA ANA | 11 AM


Every month, we go out in small groups to local laundromats to share the love of Christ. We do this by offering to pay for people's wash. Many lives have been touched through simple one-on-one encounters where we are able to provide hope, encouragement and prayers to the community. We have just recently added a third location in Orange.




We met a young family who had just received permanent housing after the parents had both been through recovery homes in Orange County. Money was tight and they barely had enough for their 4 children and family dog. They were so grateful to have someone to help pay for their laundry as well as offer toys and snacks for their kids. After talking a bit I learned that the mom, Dorene, had already heard of Celebration Church. She works at Polly's Pies and she had regular senior customers from Town and Country manor who would stop in for lunch after Church services. She always wondered where exactly they came from. And I told her that some of those same customers were likely the ones who contributed to paying for her laundry.

Funny how God works sometimes. He can use people you already know but would never suspect as an extension of His own hand to reach out and help you in a time of real need. It's all part of His kingdom, His plan and His design.

Scott Sandin


As I arrived at the Santa Ana Laundry Love location, Pastor Carlos and the Breakthrough team were already serving. 

I could sense right from the start; this part of the city needs to hear about and see the Love of God, and many are open to receiving help to change their circumstances. 

After helping lay out books, evangelistic tracks, clothes and Bibles on a table outside the laundromat, Carlos invited me to participate in a conversation he was having with one of the residents. Billy was in need of prayer to overcome depression, guilt and low self-esteem. Shortly after, I listened as Carlos encouraged a resident who need help to be a better example to his son. Ishmael was very receptive and acknowledged his need to have an ongoing relationship with the Lord. 

We simply shared the Word of life and watched the Holy Spirit work on the hearts of men and women. 

Several ladies received prayer and help with their laundry, and even asked for Bibles in Spanish. People really do need the Lord, and they recognize this need in their hearts the moment they encounter the goodness of the Lord in words and actions. 

This outreach was a very enriching experience for me from start to finish.

Will Nasyio